Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here They Are....The Official Bella Reece Giveaway Items!!!

I hope everyone is PUMPED!!!! The grand total for this Giveaway is over $120.00!!!
I will post more pictures of them on Bella Reece's Facebook Fan Page!!

Three Bella Bloom Headbands

Bella Reece Clip

Bella Reece Ponytail Holder
Perfect for Valentine's Day!!!

Bella Reece Clip


Kathy said...

Precious! If only I had little girls!

Becca said...

I want the ice cream cone! So cute! :)

Paige said...

This stuff is so cute and I do have a girl, 3 of them. ;)

Virginia said...

I just became a follower so I hope I win!!! so cute!

The Watsons said...

LOVE these!! You are brilliant!! I sure hope I win b/c Lydie could really use some cute hair accessories!!

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