Monday, July 12, 2010

Bella Reecemas!!!! Bella Reece's Christmas in July Sale!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!! I'm really excited to share about Bella Reece's Christmas in July Sale. This sale will be a very exciting opportunity for you to buy some of Bella Reece's items at their lowest prices ever!!! It's also a opportunity for you to be the first one to get your hands on Bella Reece's BRAND NEW FALL & HOLIDAY Items, at a limited time reduced price!!!!

Here's the only catch.......these special prices and deals are ONLY available for purchase in Bella Reece's Etsy Shop!!! 

Christmas in July SALE Dates:
July 15th-25th

Why Shop Bella Reece's CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE?????

-Everything that is listed in the Shop will be on SALE, plus there will be SO MUCH MORE!!!! Go ahead and have a little preview look at the Summer Clearance Items. Just remember there will be several more items listed, both before and during the sale dates.
(Sale prices on items have not been listed on Etsy)

-Be the first one to get your hands on Bella Reece's Brand New FALL & HOLIDAY items at a reduced price. None of the Holiday and Fall items have been listed on Etsy yet, but they will be soon!!

-Be one of the first 5 customers to make a purchase and receive a little HOLIDAY Present. Heck why not!?!?!? This is a Christmas in JULY SALE, and it's not truly Christmas without a few presents!!!

-Shop, shop, shop!!! Go ahead and mark some of those names off your Holiday Shopping list. Bella Reece item's make GREAT Gifts,  especially at these great prices!!!!

Can Wholesaler's also Benefit from Bella Reece's Christmas in July SALE???? 

Of course!!! If you are interested in purchasing Bella Reece items for your local shop, or you're already a Bella Reece Wholesaler, you can email me at and I will send you the New Fall and Holiday Wholesale Package information and agreement. Wholesaler's will also receive an additional 20% off all new Wholesale Package orders when purchased between July 15th-25th.

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