Monday, June 14, 2010

VACA-ing In Mexico Beach!!!

Mexico Beach is located in the panhandle of Florida, just east of Panama City Beach, Fl. It's a really special place for me and my family. We've had the privilege of being able to visit here several times a year for the pass 8 years.

My Father-in-law and his family purchased a house in Mexico Beach about 9 years ago before there was really anything here. I'll never forget my first visit to Mexico Beach. It was soon after my husband and I got married, and I remember never wanting to leave the quiet & calm (almost lake like) crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. It was like a private beach, there was no one there. It was Perfect!!!

The Beach house has always been a "FUN" place to visit and catch up on some much needed R&R. But it hasn't always looked the way it does today, and that's thanks to Donna Stewart and Carol Hays. Two of the most talented women I know, and I have the privilege to call them "my family". I love both of these women so much!!! They are so special in so many ways. Just take a look and see just how creative these two women can be.......

Welcome to Mexico Beach!!!!

That's just the beginning!! Tomorrow we'll take the tour inside.......

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